May 3, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week...

As Room Mom for Rebecca's class, it's my job to make sure the teachers get a nice gift for Teacher Appreciation week. I asked the parents who were able to, to donate $25 for the gifts. About half of the class was able to give so that was nice.
This was a fun project...even though I started very late. Our school is celebrating this week, instead of next. I think there was some confusion on which week it was. I thought it was next week..but non the less our teachers (we have 2) are getting a great gift baskets (who cares what week it is! They deserve it!) filled with Tastefully Simple desserts, Gold Canyon Candles (Grape...yum) and each one will get a $100.00 Visa gift card. And a couple of little things. But what I love the most are the 2 8x8 photo albums my friend Melissa and I made for them. I had a picture of each kid that I've taken over the year. I thought it would be cute to do a scrapbook with each kid and their name so that they can look back on this year. They turned out GREAT! Here's a couple of pictures...well more than a couple!

The cute baskets! I love doing these.

I also made 2 handmade cards to hold the gift cards.

Inside of the card.

The front of the card. Plain, but still cute.

The front cover of the book. I love all the ribbon on the binding. I was excited to finally use my Zutter Bind-It-All that I've been neglecting. Took me a bit to remember how to use it. I screwed it up a couple of times. But was able to mask the mistakes pretty well.

This is the poem I put on the inside of the book. I love it. The pictues aren't that great but you get the idea.

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