March 28, 2009

Fun crop night with the girls...

My BFF Heather had a crop night over at her place tonight and it was FUN! Met a new member of our group, she goes by the fabulous name of JULIE! Liked her right away when she cursed. LOL. Anyone who knows me knows I have a sailor mouth...which I'm working on...but not tonight. . Here's a couple of cards I 'scrap lifted' from a couple of great websites and you'll be pleased to know I wrote down where they came from so I could give credit. The first is from iStamp (Nancy Riley) whom I LOVE! Her work is fabulous and I look at it 100 times a day if not more. And as you can see, I copied it almost down to the T. Couple of changes but nothing much.

And this card set I got from Dannie Graves, another very talented designer. Again, copied almost exactly.

I decided to take a couple of ideas from these ladies so that it would be an easy night and I didn't have to lug all my possessions over there. UGH! I forgot some things, but had what I need to do these. Usually when I go to crops I never really know what I want to do so then I take everything, but tonight I planned ahead and it worked out great. I will surely do that more often.

Thanks Nancy and Dannie for posting all your stuff for those non-creative folks like me who need your inspiration!

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